Psychedelic Therapy Support Kit


This kit contains:

Rose Attar (2.5ml)

Vetiver (Ruh Khus) (2.5ml)

Galbanum (2.5ml)

Labdanum (2.5ml)

Helichrysum (2.5ml)

50 scent strips

Cathy’s Attars pouch

74-page detailed manual

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This psychedelic therapy support kit consists of five aromatic allies along with an in-depth manual and 50 scent strips. The aromatic allies included in this kit are Rose Attar, Vetiver (Ruh Khus), Galbanum, Labdanum and Helichrysum. We feel these 5 allies provide a wide range of guidance and support during psychedelic therapy, e.g. ketamine treatment. The 74 page manual spells out our AromaGnosis approach, provides a road map of the unconscious psyche and a practical way of working with aromatic allies with the psyche. The scent strips provide an easy to use method for presenting aromas to the clients precisely.

We developed this Psychedelic Therapy Support Kit for our own use with ketamine, based on our experience working with aromatic allies in psychedelic therapy. We feel it can be used for different forms of psychedelic therapy and adapted to your needs. While we provide a road map for the unconscious psyche in the manual, we feel you can combine it with your unique approach to tailor it to your client’s needs.

We have found that during psychedelic therapy, the sense of scent is a powerful medium for working with the unconscious psyche. Based on our extensive experience, we selected these aromatic allies to provide guidance, deepening and enhancement of psychedelic therapy, through aromatic synergy. With these aromatic allies, the therapeutic experience can be deepened, clients can find more unconditional love (rose), grounding (vetiver) and committment (galbanum) and allow deeper issues and traumas to come to the surface and be transformed (labdanum and helichrysum).

If you want to empower your clients to get more out psychedelic therapy, this is the kit for you.

For those of you familiar with our work, it comes as no surprise that we remind you that you can’t just use any essential oils for psychedelic therapy, but need truly alive and vibrant essential oils, i.e. living intelligent aromatic allies that bring their wisdom to the work. We have searched the whole world for essential oils that have this aliveness and the oils in this kit, like all the oils we offer, are alive. We strongly caution against using oils of inadequate quality in this form of therapy.


NOTE: This kit is in no way intended to teach about or prepare therapists for psychedelic therapy. If you intend to use this kit for psychedelic therapy, you need to have appropriate training and clinical experience in psychedelic therapy. However, we feel that you can also use this kit for deep psychotherapy without using psychedelic therapy.


Also, we wanted to let you know about an upcoming zoom weekend intensive class on June 22-23 “Exploring Aromas in Psychedelic Therapy” (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)



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