Angelica Seed Essential Oil

Angelica Seed Essential Oil


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2 ml

Ingredients: Angelica archangelica L.

Origin: France

Plant part: Seeds

Method: Steam-distilled

10 in stock



Angelica –the name really says it all. Like an Angel, this being reaches through many dimensions, from the densest, darkest ones to the lightest ones. It reaches across the realms seen and unseen and connects matter and spirit like a vast spiritual ladder. It has a powerful presence and its hollow stem symbolizes this ladder. It fills the spiritual body with a golden light and hugs the heart. It restores strength in anxiety and PTSD. When trauma has cut us off from ourselves, angelica reconnects us to source and grounds us. It is used as a shamanic medicine by the Saami of Lapland.

While many angelica oils have a strong aroma, our angelica seed essential oil is full of viriditas, the greening aliveness that we require for our work of AromaGnosis. The sweet, musky aroma has rapidly become a deep ally. Just one whiff gives a powerful surge of strength and clarity. Our physical vitality is boosted, our resolve is strengthened and we are supported to follow through with our convictions in a powerfully feminine way. It embodies what it means to be an aromatic ally. Angelica encourages to stand your ground, to assert, to express truth and confidence. Let this angel of light show you the way home to your true Self.

This is the essential oil of the seeds and our distiller Florent will offer different parts, also including flower and root, in alternating years.

Angelica essential oils are known to be photosensitising, if applied to the skin. For all our oils, we recommend only smelling them, since they are the precious living souls of the plants.

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