Indian Valerian Essential Oil

Indian Valerian Essential Oil



Ingredients: Valeriana jatamansi Jones

Plant part: Root

Origin: India

Pure and Natural – For External Use Only

Source: Wildcrafted

Method: Steam-distilled



Indian Valerian (Sughand Bala) has a vanilla-like note that balances out the earthier base notes and therefore doesn’t have the pungency of Valeriana officinalis. This oil smells very similar to a good Spikenard and we feel it’s an adequate substitute, since we have decided to no longer work with Spikenard. It covers up like a warm blanket and lulls us into comfort and ease. It relaxes the body and mind. This valerian is in the same botanical family as spikenard and has some similar notes.  It really brings us deep down into ourselves and onto the earth, even further sometimes. It is a very strong ally for underworld/shadow work. A bottle left open by the bed enhances sleep, too. We thought that Indian Valerian might be a more sustainable replacement for spikenard, which is critically endangered. Jah is currently researching the sustainability of Indian Valerian, so this might be the only time we are offering it.


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