Helichrysum Essential Oil (Corsican)


2.5ml, 5ml

Ingredients: Helichrysum italicum

Origin: Corsica

Plant part: Flowering Tops

Method: Steam-distilled

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After many years of searching, we at last received this amazing helichrysum essential oil from Corsica. It not only helps the body to reabsorb physical bruises, but also helps the soul reabsorb the emotional and psychological bruises and shocks of both the present and the past. It allows us to at last ‘cry the tears we never allowed ourselves to cry.’ In the way it dissolves physical bruises, it dissolves and releases traumas, especially childhood trauma.

It is an incredibly, powerful healer for the soul bringing inner peace and self-compassion to the forefront while strengthening our relationship with the unconscious realms. Its ability to bring a sense of inner peace also makes it a great ally in periods of life that emotionally, physically and spiritually challenging.

When we do not know what to do, how to make a stand, how to help change things, when we feel we’re heading into a traumatic coping pattern, Helichrysum essential oil brings a sense of inner conciliation and non-violence that stimulates creative action and brings a clear vision to the best and most authentic way each of us can ‘act’ in our lives and in this crazy world.

Here is a recent blog post about Helichrysum and a recent video.


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2.5 ml, 5ml, 15ml


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