Sandalwood Essential Oil


5 ml

Ingredients: Santalum Album
Origin: India
Plant part used: Wood
Source: Wildcrafted
Method: Steam-distillation

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Sandalwood Essential Oil – Indian sandalwood is the most revered sandalwood in the world. This one is soft, creamy and rich. It is elegant, round and smooth with a velvety texture, that sets it way above many of the other woody oils. Santalum alba is native to India and has been harvested for perfume, ceremony and ritual for many thousands of years. It is extremely calming to the mind connecting the crown with the base chakra making it a very helpful oil to use in meditation. It is also used as a base for the preparation of attars.

While there has been valid concern about over-harvesting of sandalwood, we are committed to ensuring that the sandalwood oil we offer is harvested in a sustainable way.

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