Marigold (Tagetes sp.) Essential Oil


5ml, 15ml

Ingredients: Tagetes erecta L.

Plant part: Flowers

Origin: India

Pure and Natural – For External Use Only

Source: Cultivated

Method: Hydrodistilled

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This Marigold essential oil is from the species is actually native to Mexico and has been used there for centuries to connect with the Dead, for example on Dia de los Muertos and is known in Mexico as ‘Flor de Muerto’ (Flower of the Dead). To the Aztecs, it was the  flower sacred to the goddess Cihualcoatl-Quilaztli (snake woman), a mother and fertility goddess.

Marigold took advantage of human trade and colonial routes to make its way to Africa and India. It has also been incorporated into ritual and worship in India. It is also important to know that this is not Calendula, which is sometimes also refered to as Marigold.

Our Marigold essential oil embodies the light that is also seen in the bright color of the flowers. It is this light that reaches the dead. It is the light of communication with our ancestors. Regardless of where your ancestors are from, this is a superb, alive aroma that helps with contacting them and doing ancestral healing. It is a powerful, pungent aroma that has a deep slow heartbeat.

If you’d like to learn more about marigold, read our blog Marigold connects us to the ancestors.

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5ml, 15ml


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