Henna Attar


2.5 ml

Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis, Santalum album
Origin: India
Plant part used: Flowers
Source: Cultivated
Method: Hydro-distillation

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Henna comes from a scented tree (Lawsonia inermis), known as hinna in Arabic, which means ‘to dye red’ and refers to the capacity of the leaves to dye hair, skin, fingernails, leather, wool and silk, a technique used thousands of years in places such as Africa, the middle east and India.

Henna Attar is made from Indian-grown henna flowers distilled into sandalwood essential oil, also known as Gulhina Attar. As in all attars, the sandalwood captures the delicate aroma of the flowers and helps create a balancing blend of henna flowers and sandalwood.

This attar is at the same time subtle and powerful, deep and present. I keep wanting to say that it softens the edges of ourselves and the way we interact with the world. I smelled something deeply familiar in its aroma and then I read it described as tea-like. It may be the scent of tea that I recognized but we also find that there is a semi-sweet chocolate note to it that could also be triggering the feelings of familiarity. Like tea and chocolate, the aroma of henna attar is very comforting and grounding and appears to help keep us calm and embodied even when triggered. Instead of ‘losing’ one’s sense of self and becoming reactive, the henna attar acts as a visceral reminder, ‘not to go there.’ Its emotional texture is soft, warm and thick. It reminds us we are in a physical body in a physical reality and it makes that reality sensual, tactile warm and palpable. This oil can be a great support for individuals with trauma who easily get triggered and reactive and dissociate from their present realities and bodies. Henna Attar brings you back into your body. It also invites the sacred masculine, the spirit, to take up residence in and reconnect with the body.


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