St. John’s Wort Essential Oil

St. John’s Wort Essential Oil


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2 ml
Ingredients: Hypericum perforatum L.
Origin: France
Plant part used: Flowering tops
Source: Wild-crafted
Method: Steam distilled

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I knew this plant as an herb well before discovering it as an essential oil. It was always one of my favorite herbs when I lived in France. I have written about it in this blogpost.

The plants for this essential oil were wild-harvested in France. This herb that is associated with the sun is harvested traditionally at midsummer, around the solstice, when the flowers are fresh and yellow. For the essential oil, the plants are harvested when the flowers actually start to burn up and turn brown from the sun’s power, a little after the solstice. Its solar power comes across it its sweet strong aroma.

Use this oil when protection is needed. It is called St. John’s Wort after John the Baptist whose feast day is in midsummer (June 24). Another name this plant was given is ‘sol terrestris‘, which means terrestrial sun. (according to “Plant lore, legends, and lyrics” by Richard Folkard). It really fills us with light and pushes out the dark, shadowy areas by filling them with fierce light and sun energy. If you need protection, carry the oil with you and smell it whenever you need. I also use it for protection when journeying and working with difficult ancestral situations. Smell the oil while journeying, maybe in combination with another oil. People with a tendency to hypochondria or who are taken over by feelings of being impure, ill, or damaged in some way can really benefit from this oil’s energy that helps us find our inner sun.


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