Cardamom Essential Oil


5ml, 15ml

Ingredients: Elettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton

Origin: India

Plant part: Seeds

Source: Cultivated

Method: Steam-distilled

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Elettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton

Our Cardamom essential oil is warm and spicy and has an aura of sacredness. Its sweet intensity opens the heart and mind, enhancing our generosity, wisdom and spiritual awareness. With its subtle sensuality, it helps us feel comfortable in our skin. Its spiciness helps us see and let go of fears, preoccupations and low self-worth and dispels stress and apathy. We use it for centering, meditation, emotional balance and to help us accept new thoughts. Its depth is useful for ancestral work and untying energetic knots. It opens the heart. It says ‘get up and go’.

Our cardamom is the nicest cardamom we have ever smelled and it has a very pleasing texture to it.  This oil helps harmonize our subtle bodies and makes them breathe together. Cardamom is great to help us face the issues that are asking to be addressed. Cardamom helps get the essential emotional work done and takes us out of the chaos and fear that have been holding us back from looking at them. It helps us digest emotions and issues that have been waiting to be addressed for a long time. It brings us back to a place where emotions can be balanced and worked through.

We are able to face deep-seated fears and unhealthy reactions that are preventing us from loving ourselves and others. It helps us look at these unresolved themes in a new light and brings us into a place where we see things from a new angle and have fresh ideas about previously stagnant emotional material. Cardamom has a relationship to the heart and the sweetness of being loved, lovable, and loving oneself. This is why it is a good replacement for sugar. Cardamom puts us in touch with our true feelings regarding issues that are coming up and then it helps us to communicate these feelings from an open heart.

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5ml, 15ml


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