Angelica Root Essential Oil (Organic)



Ingredients: Angelica archangelica L.

Origin: France

Plant part: Roots

Method: Steam-distilled

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This year, our friend and distiller in France was able to distill Angelica Root. So now we are offering both the seed and the root. As much as Angelica seed has a spicy note and really forces the crown chakra to open, the Angelica Root Essential oil is deeper in vibration and seems to bring things inward, connecting us deeply to all aspects of our psyche including our essence (Atman). When you smell this oil and tune into the different parts of yourself, you cannot but help feel this oil strengthening the subtle bodies. Its protective strength can be very useful when working on our shadow aspects or dealing with others’ shadow both in material life and in ancestral work.

I have to say that the best and most amazing combination is smelling both our angelica oils together – what power and vibrational force! It feels like more than the whole plant. The emotional harmony and balance it creates helps us to open up the doorways to our unconscious and allow the imagination to express itself and visions to come forward. I have found the two oils together act like a candle illuminating the path, especially when working on the maternal bloodline, as if angelica has a special affinity to maternal inheritance.

One of the exercises that we often use with clients is the ‘cutting the ties that bind’ exercise that can take a couple of weeks to do properly. Angelica Root Essential Oil can really support people and help counter the fear and difficult emotions that come up as they cut their unhealthy ties with people.

This is an oil that definitely brings us courage and direction.

To read more about angelica, see Cathy’s recent blog post “The Breath of Angelica.” , Essential Oils for PTSD Symptoms 1 , 6 Essential Oils for Anxiety

To watch a video about how we use angelica, click here.

This oil is produced by a group of medicinal plant producers and harvesters whose mission is very strict regarding the environment, the conservation of plant resources and the quality of distillation. These producers are in rural, mountainous, non-polluted areas. This oil is organic.



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