The Alchemy of Menopause Workbook


An 87 page manual to turn menopause into a shamanic initation

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Women are desperate for support during peri-menopause. This workbook offers a positive and empowering approach that will guide women through a deep process to a place of inner strength and wisdom. It will help women understand how the physical experiences of menopause are the body’s way of triggering profound transformation and self realization. Menopause is not a disease it is an initiation. Now is the time to take back and redefine this momentous passage in our lives! This book offers a framework based on C. G. Jung’s concepts of inner alchemy within which women can safely and coherently work with the transmuting power of peri-menopause to become more fully who they really are and take their place as healers and leaders in a world that is crying out for the crone’s wisdom. Essential oils are suggested as guides along the way as there is nothing more powerful, yet safe and easy to use to explore our psyches than aromas.

We offer a kit of essential oils for all the exercises in this workbook.


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