Yerba Mansa Hydrosol


60ml (2 oz)

Ingredients: Anemopsis californica (Nutt.)
Origin: USA
Plant part used: Roots
Source: Wildcrafted
Method: Hydro-distillation

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We harvested yerba mansa and distilled it ourselves. It has become an important ally in our work on ancestral healing. It also excellent for Shadow work and the alchemical stage of Mortificatio. It is the hydrosol of the Dark Goddess.

Yerba Mansa, which is endemic to the southwestern US, grows abundantly in the region of New Mexico where we live. We are aware of the need to take care of it, protect it and not take too much of its rhizomes. We make sure that we respect the plant. When we harvest our goal is that you cannot tell that we have been there. We only take a small amount.

We invite you to use it sparingly to honor this deeply sacred plant.

The first time we harvested it, I felt the presence of an old woman. I thought of the history of the plant and the indigenous people that had harvested it for generations as part of their yearly rituals. I felt the old female healers who had always quietly gone down to the bosque (the forest along the Rio Grande) and done exactly what I was doing. Somehow, I was receiving an initiation into this medicine of New Mexico. I wasn’t alone, and I felt honored to meet such a beautiful and powerful plant being.

‘Yerba’ means herb and ‘mansa’ means meek, tame or gentle in Spanish. This surprised me at first as this plant and its spirit definitely doesn’t feel meek or tame. Gentle, yes, there is a gentleness or softness somewhere there but that is just a thread in what has revealed itself to us as an extremely powerful plant. We think the name was given with the intention of hiding how powerful it is.

Three distinct chemotypes of Yerba Mansa have been identified, depending on where the plant is harvested. One is characterized by high concentrations of elemicin, a second by high methyleugenol concentrations and the third by high piperitone and thymol concentrations. Elemicin is found in high quantities, in some cases more than 50% especially in Northern New Mexico. This is where we harvested the Yerba Mansa.

This is a very limited edition hydrosol. We don’t whether and when we will make any more.

For more information about our experiences with Yerba Mansa:


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