Woods Rose Flower Essence


Woods Rose (Rosa woodsi)

Flower Essence

15ml (0.5 fl. oz.)

Wildcrafted in New Mexico

Available in alcohol or apple cider vinegar

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Woods Rose (Rosa woodsi)


Self-love is the starting point for everything else.”

The wild rose that we made this essence from was growing along a stream leading up into the hills of Taos, New Mexico.

This flower essence resonates with an energy of love and nourishment. It helps us to nurture, love and accept ourselves. This unconditional self-love creates a safe ground as a place from where our souls can express themselves. It is like a mother’s love, supporting our growth.

Woods Rose flower essence is good for people who may not have received that mothering love or who feel disconnected from their inner parent. It reminds us that we can give this to ourselves and nurture our inner child.

Woods Rose also helps with anxiety.

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Alcohol, Apple Cider Vinegar


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