Wild Lavender Essential Oil

Wild Lavender Essential Oil


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2 ml

Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia Mill.

Origin: France

Plant part: Flowering tops

Steam-distilled Essential Oil

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When life’s obstacles have muddied our being and vision, lavender offers a spiritual cleansing. The name lavender comes from the Latin meaning ‘to wash.’ Lavender has become a stereotype in aromatherapy and a symbol of the egocentric excesses of mass monoculture, and so it is particularly rare and thrilling to find a wild lavender that has spirit, that brims with viriditas. Our very special wild lavender essential oil aroma sings a song of nature and simpler times, of reconnection, of the sweet light of love that permeates all and of the wildness within us. Come home, it says, or more precisely, ‘Remember.’

This lavender was wild-crafted at high altitude in the mountains of the Haute Loire, a still wild and rugged region of France. Just like we modern cut-off humans seek redemption, this wild lavender seeks redemption for the vastly exploited lavender species. If you’re tired of lavender, this lavender is for you.

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