Western Red Cedar Essential Oil


2.5 ml

Ingredients: Thuja plicata

Origin: France

Plant part: Branches

Method: Steam-distilled

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Our Western Red Cedar essential oil (Thuja plicata) is distilled by our French distiller Florent. In France it is referred to as “Thuya géant.”

What interests us most about this beautiful oil are its psycho-emotional uses. Florian worked with the oil first and immediately tuned into its protective qualities. It both removes and protects against negative energy. This makes it a great oil when working on cleansing dark, wounded, sticky energy in ancestral lineages. I sometimes dab a drop onto a stone on my ancestral altar, when I am asking for guidance and direction from my healthy ancestors or smell it when journeying on a specific subject and asking for guidance in the form of visions or messages.  It can also be useful for cleansing or purifying spaces, such as bedrooms or healing spaces. It has a very structuring energy that mirrors this great tree’s physical appearance – grounding as well as mentally stimulating. Trees are masters. They are to the plant world what humans are supposed to be to the animal world. Western Red Cedar holds a wisdom that is heart based.

This large evergreen tree has a droopy top to it and flattened branchlets of thin, shiny green coniferous scales. It belongs to the Cupressaceae family along with juniper and cypress trees. Its cones are small and oval. Here in Northern America, many of the Pacific Northwest Native American tribes who lived alongside the Western Red Cedars considered the species a tree of life. This was probably because it offered them numerous gifts that made their lives easier from wood for shelter, baskets and containers, baby carrying boards, canoes, fishing traps, rope and clothing and medicines. It was also used in ceremonies and rituals that celebrated all stages of a human’s life. Red cedar’s powerful antibacterial and antifungal activity that comes from the monoterpene thujaplicin (1) is why this tree made such strong canoes and helped in skin and ear infections. The high level of ketones (thujone) makes it an excellent mucolytic but to be used EXTERNALLY ONLY and never with children due to the neurotoxicity of the ketones.

This powerful tree teacher, native to North America, but now grown and distilled in France helps us also reconnect across perceived boundaries.

(1) Investigations of Thujaplicin, a Fungicidal Substance in the Heartwood of Thuja plicata D. Don. Erik Rennerfelt


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