Tansy Essential Oil (Wild)


Ingredients: Tanacetum vulgare L.
Origin: France
Plant part used: Flowering tops
Source: Wild-crafted
Method: Steam distillation

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We are excited to have this wild French tansy essential oil. Please do not confuse this oil with Blue Tansy (Tanectum anuum), which is much gentler than this oil! I have always liked tansy, I used to grow it in my garden in France and loved the smell. I would use it to deter insects from coming into the farm by hanging tansy in the doorways and windows. It is also well known as a vermifuge due to its high levels of ketones (mainly thujone).

We use it as a ‘flying oil.’ In the alchemical stage of sublimatio, we rise above our lives to gain a higher and newer perspective. We look at the patterns, the links and the overall dynamics of our lives from the view point of an eagle. Ketone-rich oils help us do this, as they have a dis-incarnated aspect them. They seem to be used to being not fully embodied.

This oil is also for for ancestral work. It has been traditionally used in funerals and symbolizes death and re-birth. It was put around the body in the coffin in order to slow down decomposition. It was said to guide the spirits of the dead on their journey. There is a similarity here with marigold essential oil. We use it to connect with the healthy ancestors and to accompany the wounded dead or ghosts back to the ancestral clan for healing.

Tansy is also a guide for the ancestral pathways. I feel it has an affinity for helping us to move through portals. Fort example in a genogram, I saw quite clearly the portal in my tree where I had journeyed not only to re-align the tree but to heal myself and this ancestral wound. Tansy helps us go through this portal and see the work that needs doing.

When there is a stagnation this oil can help us find the way to get moving again, to find our path. Sometimes we are stuck due to anger and frustration that we are hanging onto and that we have not yet integrated. Tansy can help us start to work with these feelings and get them moving. Fear can make us feel stuck, too. Fears that come from the unconscious can be liberated with this oil.

WARNING: Tansy should NEVER be ingested or even used in products and NEVER with children and the elderly. We recommend only smelling it. Please remember this oil is strong and can be toxic when used in the wrong way. Only us it by smelling. Less it more!

This oil is produced by a French group of medicinal plant producers and harvesters. Their mission is very strict regarding the environment, the conservation of plant resources and the quality of distillation. These producers are in rural, mountainous, non-polluted areas.


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