Sweet Fennel Essential Oil



Ingredients: Foeniculum vulgare L.

Origin: France

Plant part: Seeds

Method: Steam-distilled

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Sweet Fennel essential oil is used traditionally for helping breast-feeding mothers produce more milk and as a carminative, as well as a flavoring in food.

Energetically, this sweet fennel essential oil is very lively and slightly stimulating. It seems to make the mind more active. According to the Compendium of symbolic and ritual plants in Europe, it is a powerful anti-demonic plant connected like Saint John’s Wort to the Saint John’s feast day and the summer solstice. It is a sacred plant that has the power of protection. We would advise using it when working on difficult ancestral lines where protection is needed for example. This protective property is also helpful when needing to assess a situation with objectivity and discernment. It can also be  helpful for people who struggle to really express their true feelings and ideas, bringing clarity of thought and fearless expression.


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