Shamamatul Amber


2.5 ml
Ingredients: multiple
Origin: India
Plant part used: n/a
Source: n/a
Method: hydrodistilled, blended

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Shamamatul amber is an attar and a very traditional blend in Indian attar lore. It’s basically a beautiful traditional, Indian natural perfume blend and can be used alone or used to blend with other oils. We love it alone. It’s way enough as it is. It’s made from the customary Deg and Bhapka Method of distilling. Deg means still and Bhapka the receiver. The plant material is distilled into sandalwood essential oil, which is waiting for the aromatic molecules in the receiving vessel.

This Shamamatul comes from Kannauj, the traditional attar-making town of India. The exact recipe is always kept as a family secret. Each attar making family has their own variation, which is handed down the lineage. The traditional Shamamatul contains some combination of saffron, nard, labdanum, ambrette seed, oakmoss, turmeric, cardamom, maybe some oud, ambergris and other rare spices and of course sandalwood. We were looking for an essential oil of amber and this shamamatul, which contains amber, is so much more alive and magical. As with other oils from India, put a tiny drop on your skin to smell how it unfolds.


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