Ruh Bela Essential Oil


2.5 ml

Ingredients: Jasminium sambac
Origin: India
Plant part used: Flowers
Source: Cultivated
Method: Hydro-distillation

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Ruh Bela Essential Oil is Jasmin sambac ( jasminum sambac) essential oil – When we are offering only a handful of oils and attars, why would we offer two different jasmin oils? As a wise man once said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” It is part of the power of jasmin that once you’ve gotten a taste for its fragrance, it keeps pulling you in and up. Jasmin would say “Why not offer two different jasmin oils?” and so to honor this wise ally, we have.

What makes the Ruh Bela special is that it can’t be produced every year. The right conditions for growing and havesting were aligned this year (2018), allowing Moosa to distill jasmin sambac essential oil (not attar) in the traditional copper still. There’s no telling when the conditions will be right again and who knows when we’ll be able to offer this oil again. If you are a lover of jasmin, this is the oil for you. Along with the jasmin attar, of course.


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