Rosemary Essential Oil (Organic)


5ml, 15ml

Ingredients: Rosmarinus officinalis L. ct. camphor

Origin: France

Plant part: Leaves

Steam-distilled Essential Oil

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The name rosemary comes from the Latin ros + marinus which means ‘the dew of the sea.’ Alchemists considered it emblematic of the close approach of the final stage, conjunctio, when divine grace enters us. This same divine grace is symbolized by the archetypes of Venus, who was born of sea foam, of Mary whose canonical blue white garb is perhaps derived from the colors of rosemary flowers and of the Shekinah, the descending quality of the divine and the only feminine name of G-d in the Kabbalah. And of course there’s the etymological synchronicity that in English it is the Rose of Mary. Its aroma embraces us in mother energy–the maturity and experience of suffering transformed through awareness and wisdom. The sea is our emotional wisdom, and the dew of the sea is the new awareness, refined and transformed through the alchemy of the self.

Rosemary sharpens the mind and has been known and shown to improve memory. The famous Portugese alchemist Raymond Llull was the first to distill rosemary essential oil in the 13th century.

Our rosemary essential oil brims with viriditas, the greening that Hildegard von Bingen mentions as the transformative evolutionary energy in plants and humans.

To read more about rosemary, read our blog An Ode to Rosemary or Rosemary brings grace to challenging periods

Current GC/MS: Download here.

This oil is produced by a group of French medicinal plant producers and harvesters. Their mission  is very strict regarding the environment, the conservation of plant resources and the quality of distillation. These producers are in rural, mountainous, non-polluted areas. This oil is organic.

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5ml, 15ml


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