Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Organic)


5 ml

Ingredients: Pelargonium graveolens (L’Hér.)

Chemotype: Geraniol, citronnellol

Origin: France

Plant part: Flowering tops

Steam-distilled Essential Oil

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This Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) essential oil is exquisitely feminine, it brings us deeply down into the womb space where we can feel ourselves anchored, strong and creative. Her odor is familiar and yet exotic, she is mysterious and loving, sensual and expansive and all these things from deeply within. She makes us feel as if we are opening up from the deepest part of ourselves and connecting from this sacred place to the realm of spirit. And all this in an ambiance of calm relaxation. No need to rush, panic or worry, this oil helps us to remain anchored and still while present in the world and in life. Her soft balm touches the heart and caresses the part of us that needs to feel safe in order to heal and participate in this earthly dance.


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This oil is and distilled by a group of French medicinal plant producers and harvesters. Their mission is very strict regarding the environment, the conservation of plant resources and the quality of distillation. These producers are in rural, mountainous, non-polluted areas. This oil is organic.


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