Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (Organic)


2.5 ml

Ingredients: Chamaemelum nobile L.

Origin: France

Plant part: Flowering tops

Method: Steam-distilled

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This beautiful, nuanced and layered roman chamomile essential oil has a direct action on the central nervous system. The ketones that have a tart, apple-like aroma stimulate the crown chakra, opening up the space inside our heads and allowing a sense of freedom and expansion to enter. The esters that are deeper within this oil give a strong capacity for calming and even sedating any nervousness and anxiety on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  In France this oil is considered so sedative that it is used as a pre-anesthetic. It helps us to let really go of tension, anger, frustration, intensity and allow a certain warm relaxation to take over. This also applies to people who have a tendency to be overreactive, who cry or are emotive at the slightest thing. We find that the energy of this roman chamomile essential oil is so powerful that it resonates through all the subtle bodies bringing a unison and healthy connection between all the parts of ourselves. Therefore, it also is an important aromatic ally for grounding. It combines well with Clary Sage, Lavender, Rosemary and other essential oils. (Note: Chamaemelum nobile and Anthemis nobilis are synonyms.)





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