Rocky Mountain Juniper Hydrosol


60ml (2 oz)

Ingredients: Juniperus scopulorum
Origin: USA
Plant part used: Needles and branches
Source: Wildcrafted
Method: Hydro-distillation

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We wild-crafted and artisanally distilled this Rocky Mountain Juniper Hydrosol (Juniperus scopulorum) from the trees that grow around where we live on the Sacred Mountain.

As I write this, I am realizing how I so often take this wonderful tree for granted. I live with this tree, I see it daily, I smell it in the wind, I eat its berries and I am protected by its presence. This particular one has an added note of the desert that mingles with the freshness and greenness of the tree’s aroma.

A spray of this beautiful hydrosol immediately enables me to relax, calm down and drop into myself, I feel safe and any fear I was feeling falls away. I always know when I am feeling fear but not acknowledging it consciously because my kidneys tell me. Juniper tones the kidney energy and reminds me that if I allow myself to feel the fear, it doesn’t have to stay around.

Rocky Mountain Juniper Hydrosol stimulates life itself, reminding us through the way its energy circulates around the body that we don’t have to hang on to the old and the toxic, it helps us purify the body and the soul so that we can be present for our soul’s true desires and make steps towards fulfilling them.


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