Rocky Mountain Juniper Hydrosol


60ml (2 oz)

Ingredients: Juniperus scopulorum
Origin: USA
Plant part used: Needles and branches
Source: Wildcrafted
Method: Hydro-distillation

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We wild-crafted and distilled this Rocky Mountain Juniper Hydrosol (Juniperus scopulorum) from the trees that grow around Jah’s home in the mountains east of Albuquerque.

As I write this, I am realizing how I so often take this wonderful tree for granted. Living alongside juniper trees, seeing them daily through all weathers, smelling their unique aroma on the wind is a privilege. I find that the junipers that grow in New Mexico compared to those I remember from Europe have an added note of the desert that mingles with their freshness and greenness. I often find that plant aromas have not just a smell but what I call an aromatic texture. The texture of this juniper is at the same time fresh and woody. It reminds me of opening my grandfather’s cigar box as a kid – cedar-like.

This hydrosol is relaxing and calming, fear seems to fall away when you smell it. It’s also a great way to get cold, lymphatic circulation warming and moving – just add a small cupful directly into the bath water or combined with magnesium salts. Rocky Mountain Juniper Hydrosol warms and stimulates life the physical body as well as our mind and emotions, reminding us through the way its energy circulates around the body that we don’t have to hang on to the old and the toxic emotions and thoughts.

If you would like to know more about juniper, here’s a blog post and a new video.


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