Neroli Essential Oil (Organic)


2.5 ml
Ingredients: Citrus aurantium var. amara
Origin: Italy
Plant part used: Flowers
Source: Cultivated
Method: Steam distilled

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Our exquisite new neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara) essential oil (organic) is an amazing support during times of uncertainty, shocks, and depression. One can imagine how many of the delicate orange blossoms that can only be picked by hand are needed to distill to get just a small quality of essential oil. It is a very low yield and therefore precious oil.

Neroli’s zone of genius is in its mood enhancing and supporting energy. When you smell it, it immediately dives deep into your being. It reminds us that everything is going to be ok. No need to rush through these periods of uncertainty or challenges. They are a necessary part of the process of growth. It is helps deal with feelings of anxiety and nervousness as we navigate the unknown. It brings a sense of groundedness and alignment that is most welcome.

Most of us like to know where we are headed and what to expect around the corner. Neroli not only helps us remain calm and even, dare I say it, relaxed in liminal phases, but even encourages us to see the beauty in the unknown. Even though it is such a euphoric and light-filled oil, it also resonates with the Dark Goddess. It is the like the seed of light in the dark, reminding us that growth happens in its own time, when the conditions are right. We can’t push the river to make it flow more quickly or pull on the plants to hasten their growth. Neroli is very supportive and helps us be patient. It lets projects and ourselves grow organically in their and our own time.

Neroli also helps us to process challenging emotions through the physical body, rather than lose the energy in nervous tension and exhaustion. We need to really feel what wants to come through. We can only feel through the body. The mind doesn’t feel, it thinks. This may sound obvious, but many of us are so mind-oriented that we forget that feeling and letting the body integrate and process is a vital part of any life passage. Neroli’s excellence in calming the nervous system is a great ally for feeling our way through challenging times.


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