Nagarmotha Essential Oil


2.5 ml

Ingredients: Cyperus scariosus
Origin: India
Plant part used: Roots
Source: Wild-crafted (invasive)
Method: Hydro-distillation

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At first, I found the aroma of Nagarmotha essential oil (Cyperus scariosus) from India very challenging. But slowly, over time, it has grown on me.

The essential oil is distilled from the rhizomes of the Cyperus scariosus plant, commonly known as cypriol or nutgrass from the Cyperaceae family. It grows in riverbeds and is native to the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is known to be the most invasive perennial in the world and has spread all the tropical and temperate regions of the world. (No problems with sustainability with this essential oil!)

This ancient oil has been used medicinally and ritualistically in India for thousands of years. It has a very earthy, leathery smell to it. For those of you who are familiar with our Indian Valerian, Nagarmotha has some similar notes along with cinnamon, spice and a slightly minerality, too.

Nagarmotha is very centering and grounding making it a great oil for concentrating, studying, and meditating. We find that it takes the edge of anxiety, even getting rid of it altogether, especially when the anxiety is triggered by negative thoughts and self-beliefs. It may be something to do with its use in Vashikaran, an ancient Indian science related to astrology of gaining control of a person or a situation. It seems to help us to gain control over ourselves and not fall into those deep holes of negative self-talk and lack of self-worth that can really send one spiraling downwards. The downwards movement with Nagarmotha is more of a grounding, anchoring sense of self and connectedness to life than anything else.


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