Lebanon Cedar Essential Oil (Organic)



Ingredients: Cedrus libani

Origin: France

Plant part: Branches

Method: Steam-distilled, Organic

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This beautiful Lebanon Cedar Essential Oil is powerful and alive. After hoping for one for a long time, it has finally manifested to us. Here are our early impressions. It pulls you strongly over the threshold, like the edge of a well, a threshold of tears. It’s like a long breath, the wind of eternity. As you inhale, you gain inspiration and energy. As you exhale, it relaxes you and you feel a subtle release throughout. It’s a sweet invitation, the scent of old wooden cupboards. It’s like ‘diving for air.’ It lifts you up powerfully, with almost a sense of vertigo, then seats you in your inner strength. It opens the crown chakra while keeping you aligned and grounded. Overall it brings a strong emotion. An excellent ally for ancestral healing and connecting with the mother line and Dark Goddess.

Lebanon Cedar is known for longevity and resistance to decay and symbolically is associated with immortality, eternity, absence of degeneration, excellence/holiness, spiritual stature and peace.

This essential oil was distilled from the prunings of a Lebanon Cedar and thus was sustainably harvested.

Note that most cedar essential oils are either from Atlas Cedar or Himalayan Cedar. Lebanon Cedar Essential Oil appears to be quite rare.


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