Larkspur Flower Essence


Larkspur (Delphinium nuttallianum)

Flower Essence

15ml (0.5 fl. oz.)

Wildcrafted in New Mexico

Available in alcohol or apple cider vinegar

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Larkspur Flower Essence (Delphinium nuttallianum)


Let your inner guidance be your compass

I made this Larkspur flower essence high up on the mountain that I live on. The larkspur was growing in the dry, gravelly earth, a beautiful purple being thriving in the dry, high desert landscape.

This Larkspur essence pushes us forward, whispering to us to keep on striving, to go higher. It reminds us of the path and gives us the thrust we need to find our strength and authenticity. It is very loving as it does this. Its velvety feel is like that of our higher selves asking to be heard. Larkspur helps us listen to this soft, deep inner strength coming from within.

Use this flower essence when you need some inner guidance for your path. When you need to attune to and act from a place of inner strength and self-leadership. If you do not know which way to turn and you feel your energy waning, Larkspur will help you reconnect with your proper life force so that you can move forward in your life.

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Tincture type:

Alcohol, Apple cider vinegar


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