Labdanum Absolute


5 ml

Ingredients: Cistus ladanifer
Origin: India
Plant part used: Wax
Source: Wild crafted
Method: Solvent Extract

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Labdanum (aka Cistus) Absolute

Plant: Cistus ladanifer

We have been searching for a good source of labdanum or Cistus essential oil for a long time, because it is very helpful in our approach. We ended up asking Moosa on the off chance if he could find any in India and he did. His labdanum absolute was exactly what we were looking for. It has a rich, deep aroma with leathery, earthy undertones. It is exactly what we wanted and it is alive.

We call this oil the ‘Master of the Shadow’. It is an excellent ally when doing shadow work. It helps us to discover hidden, unknown aspects of ourselves. We use it intensively when working on transgenerational trauma and healing. It enables us to really tap into our intuitive skills and touch on information tucked deeply into our cellular memory. There is a clairvoyant side to it. It shows us what we need to know in order to move forward. It is forthright and active. It does not beat about the bush, rather it goes directly to what needs to be revealed. A master at revealing family secrets.

Labdanum is one of the oldest produced aromatic substances. It is a resin exuded by the Cistus ladanifer plant, a type of rock rose and was one of the first ‘distilled’ aromatic substances. It was used for ritual purposes by several ancient cultures. For example, Egyptian pharaos put labdanum in their beards—not for grooming but as spiritual technology.

To learn more about labdanum, click on this link for our video “Labdanum – The Master of Shadows.”

Here is a video of a meditation with Labdanum.

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