Grounding Attars Sampler Set


4 Attars

15 Scent strips

Cathy’s Attars pouch

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The word attar, atr, ittar or othr comes from the Persian word itir meaning fragrance, scent, or essence. Today attar refer to an aromatic oil usually of a delicate flower distilled either by steam or hydro-distillation into a sandalwood essential oil base. Find out more about attars HERE.

All attars are to some extent grounding, due to the fact that the plant material is distilled directly into sandalwood essential oil. In our aim to make our beautiful attars more accessible, we have put together this sampler of attars made from embodying and grounding plants. Embodiment and grounding are very important for overall physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Grounding is the opposite to and answer to dissociation.

We hope you enjoy discovering these.

In this Cathy’s Attars pouch you will find:

1ml Henna Attar

1ml Kadamb Attar

1ml Mitti Attar

1ml Moulshree Attar

and 15 scent strips





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