Galbanum Absolute


2.5ml, 5 ml

Ingredients: Ferula gummosa
Origin: India
Plant part used: Gum
Source: Wildcrafted
Method: Solvent Extract
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Galbanum Absolute

Plant: Ferula gummosa

This is another oil that we searched far and wide for, because it is so useful for our work. Thanks to Moosa again we found a beautiful and alive galbanum absolute. India seems to be the place where we find what we are looking for.

This is another oil that we have used extensively for historical trauma work, as it helps to connect with our ancestral strengths. It is very powerful and helps us to realize our true path in life. It will not listen to excuses. We have also used it for addiction. It helps us to release deeply and work with our authentic life force. It combats inertia and does not let excuses get in the way. It is the oil of committing to our path. This oil really helps us to own and integrate our own life stories. This gives us a certain feeling of freedom and independence. It does however, force us to let go of old outdated ways of being in the world that are no longer healthy for our evolution.

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2.5ml, 5ml


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