Davana Essential Oil


5 ml, 15ml

Ingredients: Artemisia pallens Wall. ex DC.

Origin: India

Plant part: Flowers and Leaves

Source: Cultivated

Method: Steam-distilled

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This beautiful Davana (Artemisia pallens) Essential Oil from India forces us to confront the parts of ourselves that are not truly who we are. It is interested in pure essence and will guide you unendingly into situations that force you to confront old, outdated behaviors and ways of being. You may at first feel startled and wonder what on earth happened. It could feel like a loss or that your whole life is being shaken up but underneath the sudden changes, you will slowly realize that Davana is inviting you home.

She’s the best of you, the purest of you. She’s the sensitive, intuitive, naturally perceptive part of you. She’s beautifully and authentically herself. Her lover contrasts her lightness with his earthiness, his wildness. She loves him and he loves her – they are one. Wholeness is her signature, effortless wholeness. She is the part of you that you have been searching for, she is the part your partner fell in love with within you and within himself. She is pure feminine and yet she dances with her masculine – it is this union that makes her whole. From her divine wholeness comes her creative force – again effortless. It is born from her and held by her inner masculine so it can take form in the world. She is what others fear when they have not met her in themselves. For nothing can own her, she is freedom in its purest form.”

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5ml, 15ml


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