Clary Sage Essential Oil


2.5ml, 5 ml

Ingredients: Salvia sclarea L.

Origin: France

Plant part: Flowering tops

Steam-distilled Essential Oil

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This Clary Sage Essential Oil was harvested in rural France. It is deeply nurturing and really calls us back to its wisdom time and again, once we have discovered it. I love the way that it makes me feel – joyful, capable, strong, confident and creative. I also enjoy the way it helps us contact the unconscious realms with such ease. Clary Sage essential oil is known to help stimulate dreams, even lucid dreaming. Keep the bottle open by your bed when you go to sleep and make an intention to have a meaningful dream. This oil nourishes the soul and can even make one feel a little euphoric. It acts on the mind, the emotions and also the physical body, which it makes feel more alive.

Clary comes from ‘clarus’ in Latin, which mean clear or to see clearly and this oil gives us such a sense of well-being and wholeness that it can help us see things more clearly in the sense of being able to intuit things better.

This Clary Sage Essential oil is produced under the French label, the Syndicat des SIMPLES, which was created in 1982 and groups together medicinal plant producers and harvesters. Their mission statement is very strict regarding the environment, the conservation of plant resources and the quality of distillation. Only producers in rural, mountainous, non-polluted areas can apply for this label.

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2.5ml, 5ml


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