Why sacred oils and ancient attars?

The website Cathy’s Attars is a branch that has grown from our main work AromaGnosis. We realized that in order to work with aromatic plant essences as allies in respectful partnership, we needed the most sacred and alive aromas, whether essential oils, attars or hydrosols. We were constantly searching for the most sacred and alive aromatic oils available. Only very few had this alive quality that the alchemists called ‘viriditas’, or ‘greenness’ and when we finally found a reliable source, we wanted to share these with our friends and students so they can continue to work with our approach with the oils best suited for this purpose.

Why did we call our project AromaGnosis? Aroma and Gnosis both come from Ancient Greek. We all know what Aroma means. Gnosis means the direct perception of the Spirit in Nature. The Gnostics who invented alchemy, were named after their search for the direct perception and communication with the divine. To us, the Soul, the Unconscious, the Divine—whatever you want to call it—lives in the connectedness between all living beings, plants, animals, us. What is it that connects us all? The air we breathe. We believe, and we are not alone in this belief, that plants evolved aromatic molecules to communicate with the beings around them—pollinators, pests, seed spreaders, cultivators—and these molecules travel through the air, which connects us all and remind us we are not cut off, but in constant communication and connectedness with them. Aromatic molecules are the ideal medium for giving us Gnosis. Hence, AromaGnosis.

Through scent, we become aware that Nature is conscious and intelligent. Through awareness, we have the opportunity to reclaim our living relationship to plants and all of Nature, seen and unseen.

We see a beautiful synthesis between alchemy and aromatherapy that focuses on the psyche and personal evolution. First of all, alchemists were the first to distill hydrosols and essential oils, so aromatherapy really has its roots in traditional alchemy. At the same time, for C. G. Jung alchemy was the most authentic model of the transformation and growth of the human psyche.

Aromatic molecules, in essential oils and hydrosols, have profound powers to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Through scent we can connect with the intrinsic aliveness all around us and within us—the collective unconscious. By reclaiming this connectedness, we heal ourselves and Nature.

Our own Wounded Healer’s Journey is central to all healing—of ourselves, of our clients, of our environment. Like the alchemists, we have to transform ourselves if we want to help those around us transform.

Our work combines aromatherapy, psychology, plant consciousness, spirituality and personal journeying. This is a transformational experience and our own personal transformation is central to the process. Aromas are our allies and teachers as we journey into the unknown parts of ourselves, where the secrets to healing and growth lie.

Perfumed oils and aromatic plants have been used for thousands of years to alter states of mind. All over the world, complicated and often secret aromatic formulas were used regularly in religious ceremonies. The bible has over two hundred references to perfumed oils, incense and aromatic substances that were used for healing the mind, body and soul. The Ancient Egyptian myth of creation has the aromatic blue lotus in a central role.

We believe the world of aromas can help us access our emotions and our unconscious. Carefully selected high quality oils can help us identify and awaken buried emotions from the past and can help us heal in the present. Often considered the soul of the plant, these natural quintessences guide us inwards, into the heart of ourselves and our psyches.

These precious oils and attars directly target our limbic system, where we process and store emotions and memories, accompanying us on the journey of self-realization and transformation.

We are interested in an oil’s vibration and energetic quality, because it is through a vibrational exchange that we communicate and enter into relationship with the plant.

The oils resonate with our own energetic vibrations and depending on the plant’s biochemical makeup, the energy that went into its production etc. each oil has its own vibratory signature and unique frequency.

Now, with Cathy’s Attars, we are really pleased to share our trusted allies and teachers with you, so you can work with them on your own journey of self-discovery. Welcome and Enjoy!

Cathy and Florian

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