What’s New Jan 2022

We wanted to let you know the latest additions and updates to Cathy’s Attars in one convenient place. We plan to update it at regular intervals. Since we haven’t done this before there’s quite a bit to share.


We’ve been inspired to add more blends, since most of our aromas are single notes, except for the attars, which of course contain sandalwood essential oil.

Most recently, we’ve added our Sleep Oil blend, which has long been in high demand. It invites us to sleep naturally and best of all, you anoint instead of needing to ingest anything.

We’ve also just introduced our newest blend for creativity, called Let It Flow. Let it help you get your creative juices flowing!


Ginger Lily Absolute

We also recently found a Ginger Lily absolute that is up to our standards and meets our needs for soul evolution. Moosa has done it again! This Ginger Lily absolute is made from the flowers and is in fact a different species (Hedychium coronarium) than our Ginger Lily root (aka Kapoor Kachri) (Hedychium spicatum). While there is a perhaps not obvious kinship between the two aromas, they are quite different. We had been looking for a Ginger Lily absolute for many years. It’s spiritually awakening, opening the crown chakra and also has an awakening effect on embodiment, centering and aligning us. It relieves depression, boosts energy and is highly aesthetic.

Green Myrtle Essential Oil

A few months ago we received Green Myrtle essential oil from Florent in France for the first and it has rapidly become a favorite ally. It’s great for helping us let go of tyrannical mental patterns of self-judgment, self-criticism, etc and replacing them with the power of love, of self-love and feeling worthy receiving love from our higher selves. We have found it to be particularly helpful in ketamine therapy.

Davana Essential Oil

Davana is a type of mugwort from India. The aroma is sweet and fruity and very different from other mugworts/artemisias. We have found it to be a powerful ally to invite us to show up for and commit to ourselves and the work ahead of us. Even though we only recently discovered it, we feel we’ve known it fora long time, like an old friend. It also helps us discern what mostly unconscious thought and emotions patterns that preoccupy us are ours and not ours and to let go of those that aren’t even ours. We have found it to be a deeply powerful ally in ketamine therapy. 

Nagarmotha Essential Oil

Nagarmotha essential oil is another new unique discovery. Powerfully aromatic, it centers and grounds and invites us downward into ourselves, beyond the reach of anxiety or negative beliefs. We have found it to be a powerful ally for grief work, especially in combination with ketamine therapy.

Moulshree Attar

We only recently discovered Moulshree, also known as Bakul or medlar bush is one of the three holiest trees of Buddhism and Hinduism. In an attar, it’s sensual, profound, as well as sweet and delicious and touches a very perfect and pure aspect of our being with a feeling of deep intimacy. When you smell it, you understand beyond words why it’s considered sacred.

We’re also teaching our Intuitive Blending Class live-online again in March.

Let us know what these allies teach you and send us your questions.

Until soon…