Wild Yarrow Essential Oil

Wild Yarrow Essential Oil


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5 ml
Ingredients: Achillea millefolium L.
Origin: France
Plant part used: Flowering tops
Source: Wild-crafted
Method: Steam distilled

6 in stock

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We are out of Florent’s wild pink yarrow until his next harvest (Summer 2020). In the meantime, we have secured a small supply of Florent’s wild yarrow, which he wild-crafted separately from the pink yarrow and which we also love. It is amazing with subtle differences in aroma to the pink yarrow.

The Wild Yarrow essential oils, both pink and white, are ideally suited to our work of aromatic shamanism. Florent wild-crafted this, hand-selecting only pink yarrow and then only white yarrow separately. His yarrow oils brought tears to our eyes the first time we smelled them. Yarrow is the plant form of the Wounded Healer. Yarrow essential oil is central to our work of helping Wounded Healers integrate their Wounds, because, as Jung said, “The wounded healer who doesn’t integrate their wound becomes the wounded wounder.” This oil helps with healing wounds in the physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It stops leaks of energy and blood and reestablishes their flow when necessary. It brings our awareness to our wounds and traumas and helps us transform them. This is one of our main power allies, with whom we work frequently.

To learn more about yarrow, click on this link to watch our video “Yarrow the Wounded Healer.”

Click on this link for a video on how to meditate with yarrow.


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