Ruh Gulab Essential Oil

Ruh Gulab Essential Oil


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2 ml

Ingredients: Rosa damascena
Origin: India
Plant part used: Flowers
Source: Cultivated
Method: Hydro-distillation

9 in stock

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Ruh Gulab Essential Oil is rose (rosa damascena) essential oil. When Moosa said that he had a small amount of pure rose essential oil (ruh gulab), we did not hesitate since it is very rare and rose is one of the master allies for our work. This essential oil is very powerful, slightly peppery, fresh and floral. What struck us the most was its impressive energetic hit the moment we smelt it. Its vibratory resonance is super high. It rushed to the crown chakra and then flowed warmly down to the heart doorway. Straight away, its unconditional loving nature infused my being. Its warmth, gentleness, grace and beauty blend with a certain strength and protectiveness giving it a great balance and structure. Once I began to work with it, it became almost bewitching and I just wanted to continue to feel its divine power. How is this different from the rose attar? The rose attar is in a sandalwood base, which provides a base, like cradled hands around the rose aroma. Rose attar is a steady, long-term ally that we work with on an almost daily basis. This rose essential oil is more intense and more rare, an ally for special occasions.


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