Prickly Ash Tincture (Wild-crafted)


1 oz (30ml)

Ingredients: Prickly Ash (Zanthoxylum americanum) in 190-proof (95%) organic cane alcohol

Wild-crafted in Texas.

Plant Part: Leaves

Method: Tincture

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Prickly Ash (Zanthoxylum americanum)

This weird and amazing plant is in the Rutaceae family, which is the citrus family. You can smell the scent of citrus when you rub the leaves between your fingers. If you chew on a twig of prickly ash, it makes the inside of your mouth tingle, which is why it used to be called tingle tree or tooth-ache tree. This warming plant heats up cold states in the body and stimulates movement in the body’s systems. We especially like the way it brings warmth and movement to deeply fatigued states. Raynaud’s disease where the extremities lack circulation thus turning cold and blue is related to a feeling of something dying within, prickly Ash not only brings circulation, warmth and movement to the extremities but also to the feeling of something dying, it warms up the energy of the corpse, bringing life to all aspects of the psyche, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It is an ultimate pick-you-up and mover, so much so that if you add it to a formula with other herbs, it will help move the other herbs around the organism to where they are most needed. Avoid when there is too much heat in the body or psyche and if taking blood thinners. 

We wild-crafted this tincture in the heart of Texas, in Lampasas County.


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