Peace, Love and Desert Dust Incense


Peace, Love and Desert Dust Incense

Jar with 4oz of loose incense

3 charcoal discs

Ingredients: Douglas fir resin and bark, Rocky Mountain Juniper berries and needles, Sagebrush.

All ingredients were harvested by hand in New Mexico.

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The old douglas firs that I harvested the resin and bark from were in a small wood in a forgotten valley, next to a river. They were all dying. I promised them I would make healing medicine with their beautiful resin, which is what started this latest resin medicine journey. So the intention of this blend is to support our relationship with nature. Douglas fir reminds us that like a healthy marriage that still needs attention and careful tending so does our relationship with the nature that grows around us. I hope this blend will open your heart to the douglas fir, in the same way as mine was opened when I came across this old, dying forest. I invite you to listen to its whisperings and carry its message of connect ion with you. The sagebrush and juniper grow near the douglas fir and act as support for this ancient being’s message of strength, constancy and renewal.


How to use loose incense:

1) Light an incense charcoal disc. You will hear it sizzling when it is hot enough.

If you have tongs use them so as not to burn your fingers.

3) Put the charcoal disc on a stone or heat proof surface or in sand or salt.

4) Once hot, sprinkle incense onto coal.


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