Hops Tincture (Wild-crafted)


1 oz (30ml)

Ingredients: Hops (Humulus lupulus) in 190-proof (95%) organic cane alcohol

Wild-crafted in New Mexico

Plant Part: Flowering tops

Method: tincture

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Hops (Humulus lupulus)

Traditional medicines have used hops for many centuries. The Greeks and Romans appreciated its bitter taste and used it for digestive and intestinal issues widely. In Native America, it was apparently used for arthritis and kidney problems. Throughout the world it has been used for insomnia, digestive issues, intentional  cramps and to stimulate the appetite, as well as for nervous tension, migraines and indigestion. It has been used for centuries to make both bread and beer. 

It contains 8-prénylnaringénine, which has an influence on estrogen and is therefore an influence on menopausal symptoms, especially the dreaded hot flashes. However, our advice is to welcome the hot flashes and try and pinpoint what you were thinking and feeling at the time of their arrival in order to understand what is being burnt through.

Hops also has a sedative effect, which appeases the central nervous system and also helps with anxiety, stress and agitated states. Hildegard von Bingen advised hops for problems of melancholy. 

Start by adding a quarter of a dropper full to your herbal tea or glass of water before bed. You can increase the dose by a quarter of a dropper each time until you get to the required effect. We do not advise taking more than a dropper-full per evening.

We wild-crafted this tincture in Taos, New Mexico.


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