Intuitive Plant Communication

Find out what plants know, not just what they do!

You have read loads of books and watched documentaries about plant intelligence and understand that there’s more to plants than meets the eye, you want to develop a more intuitive approach to relating with plants but you cannot find a framework or really practical exercises that help you do this.

You are an herbalist or an aromatherapist and you know that it’s not enough to see plants as a commodity i.e a bundle of chemical constituents with specific actions and that to deepen your practice you need to go further into your relationship with the plants you work with and connect with them on another level.

You are an educator or therapist and you see the difficulties many of your students and clients have relating to the natural world, you want to develop wilderness work so they can reconnect and benefit from the aliveness of nature, plants and trees.

In the Intuitive Plant Communication online journey you will:

Learn a very practical, hands-on method to intuitively connecting with plants and trees, which will help you to build deep, unique and eye-opening relationships with the plants around you changing your view of the natural world for ever.

Learn the common language that has always existed between humans and plants, and so you can work with plants as partners and not commodities and take your medicine making and plant healing to a whole new level.

Learn how to weave your own unique path with the natural world through a wide variety of exercises and experiences that will help you develop an authentic and individual relationship with the plant world, bring nature alive for you and help you develop an ongoing dialogue with it.


  • Using your subtle senses to build your own unique and very personal relationship with the plant world so that when you are deciding which plant is good for yourself or a client, you don’t just use the information you have read in books or learnt from others but you tune into this privileged relationship you have with each plant you work with.
  • Developing a heartfelt, soul-to-soul connection with the plants that grow around you and being able to recognize their individual personalities and signatures so that you feel much more connected to them and therefore more respectful and protective of them and their habitats.
  • Developing such a soulful relationship with plants that plant medicine becomes not just a science but an art that transforms the way you harvest plants, make medicine from them and prescribe them.
  • Evolving from being in a two-way relationship with yourself and the client to being in a three-way relationship that includes the plant as a living being and transforms your plant-medicine practice.
  • Weaving into your daily life a deeply intuitive relationship with plants and the natural world through daily practices that establish and maintain connectedness and sacredness and being able to read the symbolism of plants, connect with their spirits and communicate with them.

These are some of the results people get after partaking in the Intuitive Plant Communication online journey. This journey will change the way you approach plants and trees and relate to the natural world.

Your guide on this Journey

Cathy Skipper is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing and plant experience as well as her highly attuned intuition and experience of ‘seeing the being within’ to this work.

I am excited to be your guide on this exciting journey into Intuitive Plant Communication

At the end of this journey you will:

Understand how indigenous wisdom and ancient earth cults can help us with the problems we have in the world today and be able to connect with this part of yourself that you have inherited from your ancient ancestors and that is your birthright.

Feel and understand how you are an integral part of nature and that by connecting with it you can help with the ecological crisis by helping others to understand this deep link and dependence on plant life.

Reignite the memory of plants as ancestors that you hold in your DNA so that you can reconnect with this ancestral wisdom and the intelligence of plants and change your way of seeing and working with plant medicine.

Become familiar with and competent in using the common language that has always existed between plants and humans, but we have forgotten. Change the way you relate to the plant world.

Have learnt the pitfalls to intuitively communicating with plants and how to overcome them so you can develop relationships with the plants around you as sensory and intelligent beings.

Have developed your understanding and relationship with the power of trees so that you can integrate their wisdom into your life and work.


Intuitive Plant communication includes:

Getting Started:  Cathy will get you started and talk about the best way to approach this work.

Plant Communication is our birthright: 6 lessons on the different ways we have always known how to navigate the living world intuitively. You will be surprised by the depth of human knowledge and connectedness with plants and this will really motivate you to reconnect.

Plants and humans, we are not so different! 7 lessons to help you discover the wisdom of plants and how we connect with them intuitively, which will show you how intelligent and wise the plant world really is.

The practical Framework for Plant Communication: 11 lessons will guide you through important exercises that show you practically how to connect with plants intuitively and how to avoid the pitfalls to effective connection. A must if you don’t want to waste your time with common human errors to this precious relationship with plants.

Trees as Healers: 4 lessons introducing you to the world of trees as spiritual masters and healers. You will be taught how to connect with and work with these powerful beings, which will really bring you big energy and healing.

Communicating with plants to make better medicine: learn how intuitive plant communication helps you to make incredible herbal medicines and abundance in your gardens.


Also included: 

37 exclusive audio recordings

Two exclusive videos

Email support during the class.

Lifetime access to the material – You can take your time and keep coming back to it.