Hydrosol Making Online Class

Learn how to make and use hydrosols for professional and personal use

You are interested in making your own hydrosols, but it seems complicated and you are not sure which alembic to buy and how to learn the technical details. You feel you need more support than you could get from one of the few books out there.

You are a professional aromatherapist and you want to be able to offer safer and more child friendly medicine in your practice and so you have been thinking it would be great to learn how to make and use hydrosols.

You are an energy worker and would like to discover the subtle, energetic uses of hydrosols for your work but you can’t find any books with the information you are looking for and you are not sure of the quality of the hydrosols that are accessible in the shops.

You are an herbalist and you don’t want to work with essential oils because you don’t feel they are sustainable and you prefer to use homemade medicines, however you would like to have a safe form of aromatic medicine for your clients that you can make yourself in your practice.

You are a cosmetics or body-care product-maker and you want to make more of your own materials. You have used a few hydrosols that you have bought on-line but you would really like to know more about both using and making them.

You are a professional chef or just interested in cooking and you have heard about the use of hydrosols in savory and sweet dishes as well as drinks. You don’t know anything about them and have been trying to find some information but there isn’t much out there.

In the Hydrosol Making Online Class you will:

Have acess to all the technical information you need to to buy the right home-still for you, set it up, harvest and prepare the plants and begin making your own hydrosols so that you can produced hydrosols completely on your own.

Learn the basics of hydrosol chemistry so that you understand what they really are and what they contain.

Learn everything you need to know about the external and internal use of hydrosols as medicine for yourself or for your clients so that you can start to use them safely and effectively for yourself or your clients.


  • Becoming your own alchemist and being able to make beautiful hydrosols from the plants and trees that grow around you so you no longer have to buy aromatic medicines again.
  • Having a constant flow of homemade hydrosols for personal and professional use and knowing how they were made and the quality of the plant material that went into them.
  • Knowing everything you need to know about hydrosols so you become an expert in the field of both making and using them.

Your Guides for this Online Class

Cathy Skipper is an international teacher, plant person and healer who brings 30 years of teaching, healing and plant experience as well as her highly attuned intuition to this work.

Florian Birkmayer, MD is a holistic psychiatrist with 20 years of experience guiding people through their challenges to a place of empowerment. His gift is that he sees the fullest potential in each of his clients. He is an expert on the effects of aromas on the psyche.

We are excited to be your guides on the Hydrosol Certification Program.

At the end of this Online Class you will:

Know exactly what a hydrosol is, through learning about its basic chemistry and becoming familiar with some of the latest hydrosol research. You will also learn how hydrosols differ from an essential oil and how they are made and preserved.

Be familiar with the energetics of hydrosols, how to encounter them energetically and use them for emotional work. This is an important aspect of working with hydrosols, which have very potent energetics.

Have access to monographs for twenty hydrosols, based on Cathy’s experience, which will start you on getting to know hydrosols more deeply.

Learn the different internal and external ways of using hydrosols, including their use with animals, plants and in clay, which will give you a strong foundation to discover how they best work for you.

Have experienced formulating with hydrosols and hydrosol recipes, using them in cosmetics and for all the major body systems including the digestive, respiratory, female reproductive, circulatory systems and much more.

Know how to combine hydrosols with flower essences and with tinctures, as well as how to make flower essences, which will give you a whole new realm of aromatic medicine to add to your tool box.

The Hydrosol Making Online Class includes:

  • Audios throughout the program with Cathy guiding you through the different lessons.
  • An audio interview with Dr. Florian Birkmayer about using hydrosols in psychiatry.
  • An audio interview with hydrosol distiller Leslie Lekos of Wild Root Botanicals.
  • Lesson pdf’s and visuals you can print out or download to your device.

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