Essential Oils for PTSD Symptoms 1

5 Essential Oils to help you drop into your natural rhythm of life

Trauma and PTSD can have long lasting effects on many of us and I feel called to share some essential oils for PTSD symptoms. One of the things that I noticed on my personal journey of healing was that I had a tendency to do everything fast. It was as if someone was behind me with a whip. This behavior had been there all my life, but as I didn’t know any different, it wasn’t until I began healing that I noticed it. In this post, we’ll focus on essential oils to heal this urgency that is a symptom of PTSD. We will discuss essential oils

If someone asked me to do something, I would feel the panic rising and I somehow believed that I needed to do whatever it was at top speed. If I was doing something for myself, a creative project, jobs around the house, whatever it may be, again I felt I had no choice, but to do it as if I was being timed.

Basically, there was an underlying stress pushing at me in every activity I did. Consequently, I couldn’t fully enjoy the activities of my life. When you are stressed and doing everything fast, there is no time or space to really feel into and ‘live’ fully the experience.

As I healed, I not only became aware of this way of being, but I also had glimpses of what it was like not to feel I was on a super strict schedule. Occasionally, a voice within would say, ‘Hey, take your time, enjoy, there is no rush’ and I would perceive a beautiful moment or two of respecting my own rhythm, being in the moment, doing the thing purely for the joy of doing it.

I decided that this was something I had to work on. I needed to remind myself to slow down every time I felt the old habit of stress being triggered. Every time I had a trajectory in front of me in the form of a project or activity, I would go into a fleeing energy. I didn’t flee the activity; but I would undertake it with the energy of flight.

I began to use essential oils to help me to find my own rhythm of life and to live it.

Here are five essential oils for PTSD symptoms, that can help you slow down, be present and drop into your own natural rhythm of life.

  • Angelica Root and Angelica Seed dance together so beautifully. They help us come into resonance with the physical body and to fully enter it. Feel yourself being breathed from the inside and the breath caressing your beautiful, newly found cadence. Feel the movement transform from linear to circular. These angelica oils together help you to come back home, instead of fleeing and feeling you are always on the run. They show you the sacred dimensions of being inside yourself. These two oils together can really help you to recognize and honor your own pulse.
  • Helichrysum addresses the inner child, it helps you to feel the feelings rather than run from them. It brings up long-suppressed fears and deep releasing coupled with a feeling self-compassion. You can finally allow yourself to feel without judgement. It also reminds you that it is much healthier to allow these deeply repressed feelings to surface than to be continually running from them. Helichrysum goes to the core, it doesn’t beat about the bush. When you smell it, tears can come to the surface straight away as it peels away the layers. It gets the movement going in those sclerotic soul bruises that have remained stagnant and congealed since childhood.
  • Ruh Khus (Wild Vetiver) pulls you deeply into yourself. Its nurturing, earthy pulsation reminds you that you too are of the earth. It encourages you let go of using the intellect as your armor or castle and invites you to really feel at home in your body. By building a solid, loving relationship with your physical body, you will begin to feel more confident and centered. Your feelings, thoughts, emotions and interactions are anchored in your flesh and bones. You can take the time to live as vetiver makes you feel held, loved and safe.
  • Wild Carrot Seed anchors you into your body, while at the same time helping you to work through the shadow elements you may be running from. It welcomes you to the ground. It helps you sense the hearth in the darkness, hidden roots, the comfort of belonging. Its subtle sweetness lingers in its aroma of embodiment. It can help you reach hidden and far-away aspects of yourself, while at the same time keeping you grounded. Carrot seed also is very balancing. It helps you find a balance between all aspects of the self so you can integrate lost and shadow elements.
  • Lavender brings the calm, helping you to steer away from the compulsive fleeing and negative self-beliefs. It spreads its soft energy onto those old shocks and fears that have been controlling you for years and like a balm melts away the irritation and the anger that lie beneath the surface. Its aroma sings a song of nature and simpler times, of reconnection, of the sweet light of love that permeates all and of the wildness within. (Remember, however that there are many low grade, energetically dead lavenders out there. It is important to use a wild high-altitude lavender to benefit from its authentic signature.)

And lastly, there is one more ally that has really helped me to heal the residues of past traumas and PTSD and that is CBD. I was a heavy cannabis smoker when I was young and as it took me many attempts and much effort to finally let it go. I was a little reluctant to use cannabis-based medicines. However, over the years I have learnt to love this non-psychoactive aspect of the plant. When the anxiety arises and you feel you are being pushed into that place of flight, the inner pulsation has gone from a centered groundedness to nervousness and fear, then CBD is a great ally to combine with essential oils. Use either a tinctured oil, which you can take in dropper or a vape for CBD rosin or oil. They both have a slightly different feel to them. The tincture works deeply and powerfully but takes a little time to activate. The vape gives me something to use every 5 minutes if needed and although it isn’t so systemic, it acts quickly.

I have found that CBD pairs beautifully with wild vetiver. They have become my go-to allies for coming back home to myself when I feel any sort of panic set in. Again, it is vital to use the best quality and to understand the labeling and dosages.

Florian is a medical expert in the use of CBD and THC for medicinal use. If you feel you could benefit from a consultation on how to use cannabinoids medically and what dosages, you can contact him at

And so, I am enjoying finally belonging to myself and not my trauma. I love taking my time, being in the moment rather than running in front of it all the time. I am grateful for each moment and the love I have for my broken but mending self when I honor the gift of a lifetime.