Essential Oil of the Month July 2022 Lavender

In the plant world, lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the archetype of the nurturing mother and resonates with the feminine and embodied soul. Lavender is a powerful antispasmodic and relaxant and in the same way as it relaxes the muscles in the body, it also relaxes the psyche, helping to let go. Lavender regulates the nervous system. It’s calming, sedating, and helping lift depressive states. It has a purifying quality both physically and psychically. I believe it does this psychically through supporting and encouraging feeling the emotional wounds and therefore releasing them. Following this release, a balance and harmony can be felt within that was blocked by holding onto the old emotions or negative self-beliefs. I have found that for those people who are metaphorically and physically “holding their breath” lavender “inspires” them and helps them take a big in breath followed by a releasing breath. This helps bring a renewed access to one’s vitality or life force. It reveals a place of thriving beyond merely surviving.

The support and releasing that a wild, high-altitude lavender helps with will also bring more self-acceptance and self-respect, this can be very helpful for those people who are having trouble finding their path and true direction in life. Allow lavender to guide you to your authenticity and step out of rigid childhood and societal ‘should’s’. The releasing and relaxing that lavender supports can also help you to feel the joy of life that is found by being in the present rather than looking forward or backwards. This can also bring renewed energy physically and cognitively. Even though most people think of lavender as a relaxant, it is through the relaxing and releasing that a healthy energetic boost can be felt.

How to use Lavender Essential Oil

1)    Keep it on you and smell during the day when needed.

2)    To help relax and sleep, rub a drop on the inside of each wrist and on the solar plexus. Put a drop on the pillow so you can breathe it in.

3)    Diffuse for 15 minutes twice a day with a diffuser that doesn’t heat or use water.