Choose from our collection of powerful, alive essential oils, handpicked from artisan distillers around the world, for their profound powers of physical, emotional and spiritual healing by aromatic medicine experts Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, MD. Enjoy the range of flower essences, hydrosols and tinctures handmade in Taos, New Mexico by Cathy and Florian.

Top Aromatic Picks

Rose Attar

5 ml

Ingredients: Rosa damascena, Santalum album
Origin: India
Plant part used: Flowers
Source: Cultivated
Method: Hydro-distillation


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Agastache Essential Oil

2.5 ml
Ingredients: Agastache foeniculum
Origin: France
Plant part used: Flowering tops, leaves
Source: Organically cultivated
Method: Steam distilled

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Allow yourself to be guided by Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer, MD, leaders in the field of aromatherapy for personal evolution. Choose from the carefully picked, powerful, alive essential oils to ensure that you buy oils of the quality you need for deep, transformative inner work. Cathy and Florian are the founders of AromaGnosis, a platform for online and live classes and consultations that help you transform life’s challenges into steppingstones for growth.

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