5 Reasons You’re Not Getting the Results You Want from Essential Oils

We use essential oils at AromaGnosis for mental, emotional and spiritual healing. In short, we could say for ‘soul healing’. It is well known that aromatics have a powerful effect on these aspects of the psyche and have been used in this way for thousands of years. But maybe you’ve read about an oil and bought it because it feels right for you, but you’re not getting the results you were hoping for? What are some of the reasons you’re not getting the results you want from essential oils?

The five most common reasons for this are:

  • You bought a dead essential oil from a company that does not take into consideration the energetic qualities of the oil.  Mass-produced oils are often made to maximize yield and profit. The intensity of high-yield distillation destroys some of the molecules as well as the aliveness that is so important to our work.  Industrial distillation often is cut off before all the aromatic molecules have come through, to save time and because these slow-to-arrive, ‘minor’ molecules are not considered important for the mass market. Although the oils produced in this way are often sold inexpensively, an expensive oil doesn’t automatically equate with better quality and aliveness. Many of the more expensive oils may have been adulterated. If you want to work with an essential oil for emotional, mental and spiritual healing it is imperative to work with high quality, alive essential oils where the energetics have been taken into consideration all the way through the process from harvest to bottle. We recommend you contact the company and ask them where they get their oils from and how are they made so you get at least an idea of the philosophy of the company. This is about more than a good-looking GC/MS. Even oils that have good-looking GC/MS results can be adulterated and lack the aliveness we require.
  • You’re thinking the oil and not feeling it. To benefit from the plant’s intelligence through the aromatics, it is important to feel the plant as it connects with you. If you try to meet it with your mind nothing will happen. It is nearly impossible to think and feel at the same time and this type of encounter is soul to soul. It happens through feeling. This is why intuitive plant communication, which also works with essential oils is central to our work.
  • You are trying to control the encounter by having expectations and wanting to lead. Plants are the masters of non-verbal communication. The trick is to let go of control and allow the plant to lead the way. Don’t try and make the plant align with your energy. In order to benefit from its healing, you need to align with the plant’s energy.
  • You don’t give enough quality time to this medicine. It is important to spend regular, quality time with an oil and keep at it. You’re building a friendship with your living plant ally. Plant medicine takes longer than allopathic medicines to make itself known. Soul medicine is often subtle. It is important to bring awareness to what is happening by allowing time and journaling about the changes that you are noticing.  Connecting with out soul takes time, too.
  • You haven’t chosen the right oil for you. That is why we are here. It is not as easy as it appears to  know which oil is the one you need at any given time. When we choose for ourselves, we often choose from the ego, when the real healing is needed in the unconscious or shadow realms. In soul healing, we don’t treat the symptom, we treat the whole person. Practitioners who know their oils like the back of their hand, because they have worked on a deep relationship with these allies, and are really able to ‘see’ you, including your shadow side, are much more likely to be able to choose the right oil of combination of oils for you. The essence of healing is beholding. It’s surprising how often an experienced practitioner can glimpse your shadow aspect, of which you may be completely unaware.

The bottom line is: Don’t give up. Speak to an experienced practitioner and at least get their advice before you give up on using essential oils for deep psychic healing. Soul healing takes time. Developing a relationship with a healing ally in essential oil for takes time. But remember, you’re worth it.

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